1. How can I be assured my children are always safe indoor and outdoor?

All games are designed, planned and test-run with safety measures and precautions are taken always, both indoor and outdoor.

In event of rain, all outdoor activities will be moved indoors.

First aid is always available on standby as a safety measure.

Each team of trainer and teacher-helpers oversee 10 children forming each group.

All meals, morning and afternoon snacks are either catered or cooked under HACCP standards by our gourmet chef.

 2. What makes this camp special from others in the market?

The field lessons and workshops are designed to enhance the academic studies and add value to the day-to-day life skills of campers through the tried-and-proven pedagogy that children learn best through effective and experiential learning.

All the games are originally designed by our experienced curriculum and instructional design team.

Lastly, with a top-up of only $150, campers get the opportunity to try out, over a span of 15 days, the world’s first powered artificial intelligence learning abilities program.

It has been proven over 20 years of research and formulated lessons, to effectively and safely improve your child’s 39 learning abilities.

3. What can my children get out of these camps?

Campers get to learn life skills through fun & exciting activities that inculcate meaningful values.

Campers’ get to unlock their potential & showcase their talents.

4.How do you select the trainers to impart to my children?

We select trainers who have a passion for kid’s education.  Besides their head knowledge, we would also prefer our trainers and helpers to have a love for children. A genuine, friendly disposition helps in the children opening up and being themselves.

5. Will my kids be getting a certificate?

Yes, all kids will receive a camp certificate.