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Dr Ng’s Learning Abilities Training Program




About the Program 

Dr Ng’s Learning Abilities Training Program helps to improve cognitive performance in mainstream children and special needs children. Based on 20 years of research and practice, it is the world’s first innovative learning abilities program developed.

The program covers over 39 abilities which a child should develop. Below are but just some of the abilities:

  • Glance and Remember
  • Speed Learning
  • Excellent Recall
  • Focus Attention etc.

Receive a copy of the 39 learning abilities at our preview sessions.


Using its proprietary MindAnalysis algorithm, it allows parents to track the child’s progress with a complete and comprehensive report on the child’s learning abilities. The report will identify the kid’s strength, areas of improvements, and suggestions on how to create the optimal learning environment for the child.

Dr. Ng’s Learning Abilities Training Program has 3 editions

  • Standard Edition for mainstream students
  • Prodigy Edition for high IQ students
  • Therapy Edition for special needs students (i.e  autistic, dyslexic etc.)

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Testimonial from a student

About The Innovator – Dr Ng Meng Lek  

Dr Ng Meng Lek is an eminent Educational Psychologist and Leading Expert in children education psychology. His lifelong goalis in helping children be smarter.

Under his guidance and training, over 1,200 students in both mainstream schools and special needs institution have seen an increase in their learning abilities.  Students with learning disabilities have recovered, and successfully moved on with their studies and even completed their university education.

Dr Ng had been invited by TV and Radio stations and education institutions in across South East Asia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, to share his views. His views and articles have been well accepted by professionals in the field of childcare, kindergarten, and children development centers.

Dr Ng is also part of an America Learning Intelligence Research Centre and is qualified to analyze learning abilities, conduct training, and diagnostic tests. He has designed many learning abilities training programs. Of which, his distinguished work was his “Personal Development Learning Program”, specifically designed for primary and secondary school students to help them excel in their studies. This has been field tested and produced excellent results.